Emergency Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Emergency Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Emergency Dentistry is a dental department that attends to patients with unforeseen dental conditions. It is essential to provide immediate dental care to prevent any further chances of complications. Efficient dentists offer several treatment options that help to restore dental health.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

The primary sign of a dental emergency is painful symptoms caused by a sudden injury or trauma. It can be severe tooth pain or a fractured tooth that may result from an unforeseen accident. Some patients may suffer from persistent tooth infections or abscesses. It is vital to notice the signs and symptoms of the emergency, which can be helpful in quick treatment at the dental practice.

Significant Dental Emergencies

Chipped or cracked teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can be a result of an unforeseen accident. It may also be a result of biting on the teeth. During this situation, the patient should visit the practice with the cracked or chipped part of the tooth. It should be carried to the dentist by preserving it in milk or water. The Dentist in Fort Worth, TX checks the patient in detail to understand if they are a candidate for dental bonding.  They reattach the piece to the tooth and polish it.


A major concern among patients is an extreme toothache or tooth pain caused due to several reasons. The dentist performs a detailed test to understand the cause of the pain. They can provide relief from the pain through pain medication or anesthesia. Dentists also provide tips that can help to alleviate the pain, which include placing an icepack on the area of pain.

Soft Tissue Injury 

Injuries can also happen to various parts of the mouth, like the cheeks and the tongue. There can be a small wound or cut causing bleeding and inflammation in the area. During an emergency visit, the dentist places a gauze and controls the bleeding. In case of pain, they can.  Provide pain medication or anesthesia in some cases.

Broken Restorations or Prosthetics

A patient may have a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth due to various reasons. The dentist will check and evaluate to see what your treatment options are. Based on the recommended treatment, you may be able to initiate the procedure for the recommended dental treatment the same day.

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